Caroline Bowden’s recent editions of MSS

Caroline Bowden, pioneer of the study of early modern English convents in Exile, has always been most productive. You will find here an article posted in the news of Queen Mary University of London on 11 October 2017; it contains a few words on her edition of the manuscripts of the Nazareth convent in Bruges, and two interesting vignettes about individual nuns, which bring the early modern cloister to life before our eyes.   This could whet your appetite for the impressive edition of The Chronicles of Nazareth (The English Convent). Bruges, 1629-1773 (Catholic Record Society, 2017)

More recently, on 7 May 2019, Caroline has made her edition of the Death Register of the Rouen Poor Clares available online. This brand new, original version of the register, taken from the manuscripts delivers this fantastic primary material in open access for the first time.

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